GovTechON has been working to modernize the way you access the information technology you need to serve the people of Ontario. In the Fall 2022, GO Secure users will begin to migrate to modernized authentication (login) services. In the coming weeks, GovTechON will validate the information associated with your GO Secure account. This is a one-time event.

We commit to keeping you in the loop through future updates. Please stay tuned.


Providing enhanced security authentication for access to Government of Ontario and Broader Public Sector I&IT resources.

PKI Profile Management Sign in

(See your profile, change your password and manage your security questions)

PKI SmartCard and Token Sign in

(Sign in using a SmartCard such as OPP or a USB token)

PKI Roaming Sign in

(Sign in using your PKI Roaming Profile)

PKI Profile Sign In

(Sign in using your PKI Profile)

Your PKI profile is stored in a file that ends with .epf. This file is typically kept on your migrated OneDrive (example: C:\Users\SmithJo\OneDrive – Government of Ontario\Documents\O365 Migrated\SmithJo.epf)